Monday, April 9, 2012

Look at Me!

If you are now reading this post I have succeeded and have "Made you Look!"

Your welcome. Stay tuned for actual updates in the nearerish future.

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Political Blog

Hey Everyone, Sorry I haven't posted in forever and a day. But I wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and well. I also wanted to draw your attention to my newish political blog. . A little disclaimer, I am a rookie, and it is largely for my benifit. However, I would love insight as to how I am doing over there. Do you agree/disagree, is my opinino to strong/weak. Do I need more reseach to back up my statements.

Any comments are greatly appreciated. I promise more personal info to come!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here At Last!

I made it at last. I am currently sitting on my new couch, in my new apartment, with my new laptop. All of the changes in the last few months finally landed me here. I finally made it up to BYU-I and am in a place of my own. Mom and Dad would be so proud of me. I opened my bank account on my own, got a job on my own, and checked in and moved in on my own. Man... am I on a roll or what!

Ok, time to stop with the gloating and get down to the facts. I am staying across the street from campus at Somerset Apartments. I have all of my books and am ready to get started with school. No really, I want to go to school, just chilling here is driving me mad. I have nothing to do, no goals set. I just have to wait. One thing that I have learned through all of this is the importance of goal setting. First, because you get much more done when you have a goal to strive for, and simply because... without goals it is so incredibly boring. Playing video games isn't even fun because I don't have any homework that I know I should be doing instead.

I mentioned I had a Job... well beggars can't be choosers. I work as an early morning custodian. I clean the Taylor Religion building every morning from 4-7....AM. I have to start conditioning myself, or I may not make it.

Since I don't have a camera yet, here is the link to my apartment homepage. Things look a little different but you can get a general idea of where I am at.

And as a side note... if you are interested at all. I have a new political blog, I do it mostly for myself, but it is there if anyone wants to read it. Now that I am up here I plan to update both blogs regularly. Here is the link.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Shopping for College!

Today, I shopped for all of my college needs. And in the process, I found my favorite store in the world. Well, so far.

We went to DI and I was able to get everything I need. Here is a list of the greatest sales that I got today:

2 pairs of Dress Pant ($6 each)-- to make this even better I couldn't find any pants that would fit me in the department stores, but DI had what I needed.
1 BYU-I jacket ($4)
1 nice waterproof jacket ($15)
All kitchen Utinsels ($3)
4 dishes ($4)
2 bowls ($2)
1 microwave soup cup ($1)
A nice Iron ($5)
Sturdy Leather Shoes ($5)
A new shirt ($4)

Talk about cheap! I loved it, I have never liked shopping, but I liked this because there is no guilt. Everything is still in great condition. College Here I Come!!!

(this advertisement not paid for by Deseret Industries)
(Actual Custumer, Real Results.)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boat Day!

Today we hung out with our good friends the Bies. We went with their ward down to Yuba to go boating. It was a load of fun. They had four boats in the water, so everyone got plenty of time in the water.

Unfortunately, Sharon Bies forgot her camera, which was suppose to supply the pictures for this blog. So, just get a good mental picture of me and Rachelle, on inner tubes, upside down, in the air. Holding on for our lives. Oh, and Rachelle screaming and me with a big fat grin on my face. There! Now you see us.

I am going to have to get this picture problem worked out.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Job!

Yay! Time to celebrate!

Dad, is now a working man. He just got the job at Church Headquarters in the accounting department. Starting Thursday, he will be on the 16th floor of the Church Headquarters... doing. Well, what accountants do best. I won't even venture to tell you, because I will probably get it all wrong. Ask him, and Celebrate!

Lift our Root Beers in Toast! Cheers!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our New Home

First... I have to apologize. I don't have a camera, so you will have to deal with cheesy web art till I find a way to get good pictures.

This is our new home... Personally, I would have taken the picture in better lighting that would accentuate the landscaping and the the woodwork. But it will have to do.
It really is a nice place, we really like our ward and things seem to be going pretty good.